– Vacancy for Premises Move Project Manager

Premises Move Project Manager
April 2018


We are seeking a Project Manager to assist and oversee our premises relocation.

Context of the relocation

The Pregnancy and Parents Centre (registered charity number SC032390) is a not-for-profit organisation, which supports expectant mothers, new parents and young families, irrespective of circumstances, background, sexual orientation, family makeup or beliefs. Many of our services, which include practical and emotional support in the lead up to and following childbirth, are free, and our sessions are run on a donation basis or a sliding scale of fees, so we never turn anyone away due to financial constraint.

We are currently based in rented premises on Lower Gilmore Place, EH3 9NY however will very likely need to relocate due to a planned residential development on this canalside location.

Based on discussions with the developer, it is likely the demolition work on the current site will start in Autumn to Winter 2018, so we have approximately 9 months to plan and execute our relocation.

In the region of 400 users frequent the centre each week, and we find that our modest Tollcross location is easily reached and accessible by people from across the city, meaning our services are able to benefit the emotional and physical well-being of families across Edinburgh and beyond. We maintain close links with maternal healthcare providers through, for example, the Maternity Services Liaison Committee and the recent Scottish Government Review of Maternity and Neo-natal Services.

We have been operating in the neighbourhood for just over 30 years and believe that a time consuming relocation would impede our ability to serve our local and the broader Edinburgh community as we would wish. We are keen that any move is as undisruptive as possible to our day to day operations.

We would like to maintain a welcoming, comfortable and familial presence for our users, all within very tight financial constraints.

We anticipate needing the services of a Project Manager over the course of the next 9-12 months (until successful relocation into a new premises), whereby the initial 3-4 months of the project would require 1-2 days work per week, with follow on support work on an hourly basis as necessary.

Project Manager responsibilities

identify needs of organisation and criteria for assessing sites/buildings, including potential expansion of programme offered

  • identify site/buildings and ownership information
    • check Council list, liaise with Councillors, check e.g. Rydens
  • assess suitability of site/buildings and arrange access
  • obtain plans/drawings for possible options (from owner or from Plan Store on Cockburn Street)
  • understand current financial set up of PPC
  • assess financial implications of a move
  • propose financial requirements of a move
  • continue engagement with the current site’s developer to understand timings
  • establish project programme
  • establish engagement with the Fountainbridge site’s developer
  • continue to search for potential compatible partner organisations
  • investigate financing options including crowdfunding/community shares, bank loans, social investment, grant funding
  • develop proposals for refurb requirements of any viable site/buildings in conjunction with necessary consultants/contractors
  • support the PPC in the practicalities of the relocation eg planning furniture removal, refurbishment, connections with relevant tradespeople.

Application Process

We invite Project Managers to submit a tender proposal to the PPC by emailing premises@pregnancyandparents.org.uk by 18 April 2018. Tenders will be reviewed and shortlisted contractors invited to meet with staff and trustees of the centre prior to appointment. As a charity, our financial means are more limited than other organisations and we would encourage interested contractors to contact us in advance if needing to discuss likely day / hourly rates.


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