– Pelvic Floor Workshop – Thurs 20th June 7-9pm

Laugh, Don’t Leak – Do you know what your pelvic floor is and how to look after it when pregnant and after you have your baby? Pelvic Floor

We know that at least one in three women suffer from varying degrees of incontinence, and that a very high percentage of pregnant women and those who have given birth, suffer the same.

Come along to this light hearted session looking at how to maintain a healthy pelvic floor during pregnancy and after and how to manage issues.

This session will be led by Elaine Miller, a qualified physiotherapist, who has a very humorous way of giving information about pelvic floors and what can happen to them.

“I have an interest in women’s health and a hobby of stand up comedy. So, I did the obvious thing and combined comedy with continence to try and burst the taboo surrounding leaking.”

Being a comedian but also a physiotherapist the session will be very informal and involve practical exercises to help look after yourself.  Information will be given on abdominal muscles and about exercise after your baby is born also.

As with all PPC sessions there will be a time for tea and biscuits to bring up any questions and further the discussion.

The session will run on Thursday 20th June 2019 from 7-9pm.  The suggested donation is £12.  To book your place please contact the office by emailing: info@pregnancyandparents.org.uk or calling 0131 2293667.


What others thought about the session

“I loved the humour and size of the class.  It very light-hearted but without losing any seriousness about the topic.”

 “Amazing. Lots of detail. Really practical advice. Very encouraging”

“This workshop is useful to all females”

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