– Music with Jackie **Spaces in some classes**

Our Award winning music classes: Music with Jackie has classes from young babies up to pre-school and we have spaces in all of our classes.  Follow the link here for the times and days but get in touch if you are interested in joining or attending a taster class (taster sessions cost £6.75 for adult and child and includes refreshments).

How will it benefit my little one?

The emphasis of all classes is on the child’s experience of music.  For music to be understood it has to be felt so it is important that we create the feel of the beat for our children (particularly when they are young).   Engaging with our children in this way will help to foster musical comprehension, coordination and expressive sensitivity.

The sessions go further than just helping to develop musical understanding, the sessions encourage basic communication skills such as waving or pointing  and the ability to share.  Recent research has shown that classes involving interactive music-making and learning set songs benefit babies and young children than listening to recorded music. You can see further information on this research at http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/05/120509123653.htm

How will it benefit me / my partner?

The Music sessions here at the PPC are very much a social and fun time.  It is a great opportunity for parents not just to bond with their child but also to meet other parents, to make friends and share experiences.

All of our sessions include time for parents to have a cup of tea and get to know one another.  We hear from many parents that they have met good friends for themselves as well as their children in the PPC music sessions.

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