– Nearly New Sale and Real Nappy & Sling Info Day Sat 7th December 2019!

On Saturday 7th December from 11am-3pm we will be holding one of our fabulous Nearly New Sales and Information Days!

Come along to get your hands on loads of very low cost pregnancy and baby clothes, nursery equipment, accessories and all things baby at our Nearly New Sale.   This will also be an information day on real nappies.  Find out about different types of nappies, how they can save you money and help the environment and what might suit you.  We will also have information on slings!  Also chat to our friendly staff and volunteers to find out about the Centre and how we can help you.  We are a local charity supporting expectant parents and young families and all money raised goes towards running the Centre.

Please note that whilst our centre has buggy parking during our regular class timetable, there is limited storage for buggies during our sale and we will ask you to leave buggies outside (close to one of our door volunteers who will keep a watchful eye). We are sorry we can’t accommodate buggies during the period of the sale.

Pregnancy and Parents Centre, 10 Lower Gilmore Place, Edinburgh, EH3 9NY

Entry £1 donation on the door per adult

Nearly new sale

– Baby First Aid Sessions – Gathering Interest for courses 2020!

The Pregnancy and Parents Centre recognises how valuable basic first aid knowledge is as a parent and in general.  This is a non-certificated session and aims to give confidence to parents in dealing with common childhood emergencies.  The session will include film clips to give examples, practical hands-on learning and involve the use of manikins to practice the techniques.

What is covered?

Unconscious baby and child (0-12 years)
Choking (0-12 years)
Nose bleed
Broken Bones
Allergic Reaction
Febrile Seizure

Suitable for expectant parents/parents/grandparents/carers.  As a charity we try to be as accommodating as possible giving a variety of timings for the course and if necessary you can bring your baby (non-mobile babies under 6 months are welcome).

Cost is £20 per adult as this is what is costs us to run the session including resources used, and refreshments.

All of our courses for 2019 are full. We are gathering interest for courses in 2020 and will have dates to share soon. Meantime, let us know if you would like to be advised of dates when they are agreed and therefore have first option on a space.  Please email  us to  add your name to our “interested” list.

Comments from parents:


“Really useful information – just wish I would have done it sooner”

“Very useful being able to practice and have your technique checked”

“Great format, very helpful discussion.  Thank you!”

– Dads-To-Be **Last course of 2019! ** Book Now!!

Becoming a parent, particularly for the first time, is an emotional experience.  It is a very important time for both mum and dad-to-be but expectant dads sometimes feel left out of pregnancy and not involved in the birth.

“For me the course was a lifeline.  Previously I wasn’t sure even which questions to ask or where to look for a RELIABLE and informed answer.” 

“The discussions of the birth, of baby blues, of crying and of our ongoing relationship was particular helpful.”

“I went to 3 pre-natal courses: the NHS one, an NCT one and this one – and found this course the best of the three.  I would definitely recommend it to any dads-to-be in the area.”

Next Course Date:  **Last in 2019**

Wednesday 27th November & Saturday 30th November 2019
Wednesday – 7-9pm & Saturday – 10am – 4.30pm

If you are interested in other dates in 2019 please check out What we do/dads to be page on our website.

A midwife-led course for expectant dads with lots of discussion, practical advice and workshop activities

This is an invaluable practical course for men who would like to build their confidence around early parenting skills.  The main topics are detailed below but the sessions will involve open discussion and give plenty of time for questions to be asked.


  • Labour and Birth
  • Baby care –  handling, clothing, dressing, nappy changing, bathing.

  • Life with a baby including coping with crying, sleeping, playing

  • Emotional issues including postnatal depression


Handouts and resources provided.


We operate our antenatal sessions on a donation payment system because the Pregnancy and Parents Centre is a not-for-profit charity.   The suggested donation is £50 for the course as this covers all our running  costs and associated expenditure.  However, all our classes have concessionary rates and this is the same for the donation system as we never turn anyone due to financial constraint.  Please contact us about this if you need to know more.

To book a place on a course please contact the Pregnancy and Parents Centre office on 0131 229 3667 or email

– Donations for our DECEMBER Nearly New Sale

Information about donating items for our upcoming Nearly New Sale

We can accept small items below from Thursday 14th November.

We can accept large equipment from Monday 2nd December (this is due to lack of storage)


~ good quality donations of baby clothes up to 3 years old.
~ Maternity tops, dresses and jackets
~ Real / cloth nappies
~ Tens Machines


~ Buggies/prams (if possible can you talk us thorough how to open/close when dropping off donations?
~ High chairs
~ Bouncers and large play items
~ Stair gates
~ Cradles/moses baskets

What we aren’t accepting at present:

  • Unused disposable nappies (we aren’t collecting for Nappirunz at present but local libraries are)
  • Car Seats
  • Slings
  • Maternity trousers
  • Books
  • Cots (but we can accept cradles)
  • Breast pumps
  • Bottle and feeding equipment (inc all Plastic plates etc.)
  • Blankets and Linens

If in doubt, give us a ring and we can guide you. Sadly, the storage space in our centre is in short supply so we can’t always accept certain donations.

The success of our Nearly New Sale is reliant on donations so we urge you to only give us items we can sell. For donations that we cannot put into the sale, we must ask volunteers to help us recycle or move on, meaning we have less volunteer work being channelled where it is most needed.

Thank you all.


– Yoga for Babies – New Term & spaces in all ages groups

The classes provide a friendly, relaxed environment in which to learn and share yoga with other parents and babies. A range of practices are developed over the weeks so parents can gradually incorporate the fun of yoga in day to day life with their babies.

The sessions include gentle stretching for mother and baby, relaxation and is finished with tea and biscuits and the opportunity to discuss any related topics and meet other parents.

You do not need to bring anything; we provide yoga mats, pillows, blankets and blocks, but encourage you to wear comfortable clothes.

Classes are held on Tuesdays  for the following age groups:

Under four months @ 12.15pm – 1.45pm
Over four months @ 10.15pm – 11.45pm

Contact the office on 0131 229 3667 or email info@pregnancyandparents.org.uk to book

– Music with Jackie **TASTER ANYONE?**

Our Award winning music classes: Music with Jackie has classes from young babies up to pre-school and we have spaces in all of our classes.  Follow the link here for the times and days but get in touch if you are interested in joining or attending a taster class (taster sessions cost £7.50 for adult and child and includes refreshments).

How will it benefit my little one?

The emphasis of all classes is on the child’s experience of music.  For music to be understood it has to be felt so it is important that we create the feel of the beat for our children (particularly when they are young).   Engaging with our children in this way will help to foster musical comprehension, coordination and expressive sensitivity.

The sessions go further than just helping to develop musical understanding, the sessions encourage basic communication skills such as waving or pointing  and the ability to share.  Recent research has shown that classes involving interactive music-making and learning set songs benefit babies and young children than listening to recorded music. You can see further information on this research at http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/05/120509123653.htm

How will it benefit me / my partner?

The Music sessions here at the PPC are very much a social and fun time.  It is a great opportunity for parents not just to bond with their child but also to meet other parents, to make friends and share experiences.

All of our sessions include time for parents to have a cup of tea and get to know one another.  We hear from many parents that they have met good friends for themselves as well as their children in the PPC music sessions.

Centre Hours during November 2019

Our centre will be working slightly amended hours during November as follows:

Monday, Tuesday & Thurs –  9am – 4.30pm

Wednesday – 9am – 3pm

Friday – 9am – 4pm 

Val , Kasia & Sara


Throughout 2018 and 2019, the trustees of the Pregnancy & Parents Centre (PPC) have been seeking a new home for our Centre.  This is because the street on which we are located is due to be redeveloped into housing, and we can therefore only remain in Lower Gilmore Place until the end of this year.
Over the last eighteen months we have considered a number of venues and are now exploring a property in the Southside of Edinburgh that may meet our needs. We will keep you updated regularly on this over the coming weeks.

How will this affect you?

If you are currently in a class at the PPC, you will automatically be kept up to date from our office staff about your classes. Likewise, if you have subscribed through previous enrolments and asked to be kept abreast of our premises news, you should receive our regular updates. To ensure you don’t miss out, please let us know that you would like to be kept up to date by completing the form below under the “preferences” link.  We will also share updates on FB and on our website.  However, our office staff or your facilitator will be able to keep you posted – just ask!

We continue to be very keen to hear from anyone who may know of a space that is empty, or might have a space themselves, or know of any organisations that may be able to offer space.  Please do get in touch with us via:  premises@pregnancyandparents.org.uk and we will be sure to follow up or contact you.

In the meantime, please be assured that in the event we need to find a temporary home, the same fantastic facilitators and practitioners will be running out groups with our well-loved tea and biscuits. Everything you love at the PPC will be preserved.

How can you help?

As you can imagine with such a move, there is a lot of organising and planning needed and this requires lots of help! We are looking at building up a body of volunteers to help us prepare for the eventual move from Lower Gilmore Place. If you feel you might be able to volunteer, please complete the form in this link.  We will add you to a volunteer mailing list and drop you a note if we are looking for help. If you have the skills or time to lend a hand, we can organise that.

We would like to take this opportunity to say “thank you” for supporting the PPC. We are very excited to be starting a brand new chapter, and to continue to be a vital part of the local community – as we have been for nearly 35 years.


For and on behalf of the Trustees of the Pregnancy & Parents Centre
October 2019


We can also keep you updated via email about our move. If you think this would be helpful, please follow the link here to tell us!

– New Arrivals RESTARTS Friday 25th OCTOBER IN MORNINGS AT 10AM -11.30AM

We are delighted to tell you that New Arrivals / International Parents Group returns to the PPC on Fridays starting on 25th October 2019. But it will run at a new timing, to suit more families, with school age children. The group will meet at 10am – 11.30am from 25th October.





– Interested in YOGA for PREGNANCY?

We run a number of Yoga for Pregnancy groups over the course of the week (during the day, in the evening and at the weekend).  To find out more about our classes and how they differ from other Yoga groups in Edinburgh please follow the link here.

We often have a waiting list for some classes so we encourage you to register your interest.  You can do this by completing the form found here. Once we have received this, we will get in touch directly to explain more about the space and how our classes work.

Thank you.


– Vacancies for members of our Board of Trustees

We are very keen to broaden the diversity and breadth of our Board of Trustees, in order to better represent all those who use or could use our services. The Trustees are a group of volunteers who are responsible for the good governance and strategic direction of the PPC. The centre is about to undergo a period of change due to a premises relocation.

We need enthusiastic and committed individuals who understand and appreciate our aims, objectives and values, and who want to contribute to the strategic development of the PPC, be involved in some of the day-to-day decision making, and be responsible for its paid employees, facilitators and volunteers.

All applicants will be considered, however we are particularly keen to recruit people with skills in any of the below:

  • Finance and Accounting, Marketing, Outreach Work, Fundraising, Law

If interested, you will be invited to:

  • An informal discussion with a current trustee
  • Attend three monthly board meetings prior to formal invitation to become a Trustee
  • Take part in projects of interest to you and your skillset.

As an elected Trustee, you will be invited to attend our Annual General Meeting, and monthly Trustee Meetings (which typically alternate between Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons).

Babes-in-arms are welcome at meetings and there is flexibility around other commitments. Childcare expenses can be covered for director’s activities.

For more information, or to apply (including a covering letter and CV) please contact:

PPC Co-ordinator, 10 Lower Gilmore Place, Edinburgh, EH3 9NY or volunteers@pregnancyandparents.org.uk

To find out a bit more about our current Trustees please follow the link here

Ros Claase (current Trustee)

Nadine Edwards (Founding Trustee)

Daisy Dinwoodie (Trustee & Facilitator)

– Choice of Birthplace Information leaflet

Parents have a choice about where to have their babies – at home, in a midwife led unit, or in an obstetric-led unit. The leaflet in the link below draws on the large Birthplace study. It provides clear, unbiased information to help parents make a decision about place of birth. It suggests that for women who are healthy and well, expecting normal labours and births, birth centres and home births offer some advantages without compromising safety. Overall, in community and midwife-led settings women and babies have fewer interventions and babies have good outcomes.

You can access the leaflet 2015 Birth place information sheet