– Baby Massage – Sign up now for course starting on 10th January 2018

Baby Massage is relaxing for both baby and parent.  Nurture your baby by learning and practicing massage strokes specifically for your baby. The sessions are an ideal time for quality bonding and massage may also help with colic, constipation, restlessness and may improve their sleep pattern.  All classes are taught in an extremely relaxed and easy fashion and always finished with tea and biscuits so you can chat and get to know others in the group.

The course dates:

  • 10th January 2018 to 14th February 2018
  • Morning classes running at 11.40am – 12.55pm 
  •  Afternoon classes running @ 1.15pm – 2.30pm (if sufficient interest) 
    Please register your interest in these classes now!
If you would like more information check out the Baby Massage page or to join the course please contact us

– Yoga with Older Babies – Spaces left in Friday AM class

Yoga with Mobile BabiesThese sessions are for parents whose babies are crawling or toddling and on the move.  It focuses on adult Yoga, but with each movement incorporating or interacting with the little ones (if they wish to participate!)  This allows the babies to be around their parents doing Yoga, to interact with other babies and generally to explore around them.  It also gives the parents the opportunity to participate in Yoga which sometimes with little ones they cannot. The sessions finish with bringing the parents and babies together for more combined Yoga and a centering time.


As with all PPC sessions the class will  be finished with a time for tea and biscuits where parents can chat to get to know one another.

The 6 week block will run from Friday 17th November weekly until 8th December (4 sessions) then a break for Christmas, resuming 13th & 20th January at 10-11.30am.  It is £45 for the block (concessions available if required)

– Preparing for Breastfeeding Workshop- Wed 13th December

What is a Preparing for Breastfeeding workshop?

Many pregnant women and their partners have told us that they worry about breastfeeding – they have heard stories of mothers encountering problems when breastfeeding. They know that breastfeeding is healthy for mothers and babies, but often they don’t know much about the practicalities.

This workshop starts by looking at how parents-to-be feel when they contemplate feeding their new baby. Building on what they already know about baby feeding, the discussion explores how breastfeeding supports mother-baby connection and provides babies with warmth, food, comfort and protection. Short video clips show what babies do when in skin to skin contact in the first hour after birth; how to help your baby attach well, and a variety of comfortable positions for feeding.

The workshop focuses on the practical aspects of how breastfeeding works, and how to avoid common difficulties.

How will the workshop benefit me and my partner?

The Preparing for Breastfeeding workshop is helpful for all prospective parents who would like a deeper understanding of mother and baby biology. Learning about the instinctive ways babies and mothers help each other when beginning breastfeeding can take away some of the fear of the unknown. Understanding the signs that all is going well, learning how to recognise when expert help is needed and knowing where to get it quickly, can help new parents feel much more confident. Sometimes partners can feel left out when their newborn baby is breastfeeding. We discuss the vital role that partners play in nurturing mother and baby, and explore the many ways partners can bond with their breastfeeding baby.

The workshop is run by Karla Napier, a very experienced breastfeeding advisor and lactation consultant.

How to book

Wednesday 13th December 6.30pm – 9pm

Please contact us on: info@pregnancyandparents.org.uk if you would like to book either the 25th October course or 13th December or register your interest in future courses.

The workshop is designed to include information relevant to partners too, but women are welcome to attend without a partner.

£12 per person or £18 for a couple (concessions available)

To book your place please contact the PPC office via email

– Choice of Birthplace Information leaflet

Parents have a choice about where to have their babies – at home, in a midwife led unit, or in an obstetric-led unit. The leaflet in the link below draws on the large Birthplace study. It provides clear, unbiased information to help parents make a decision about place of birth. It suggests that for women who are healthy and well, expecting normal labours and births, birth centres and home births offer some advantages without compromising safety. Overall, in community and midwife-led settings women and babies have fewer interventions and babies have good outcomes.

You can access the leaflet 2015 Birth place information sheet