New Arrivals/International Parent’s Group

We look forward to welcoming you all back to the group on Friday 12th July!

This group is for pregnant women, partners and families with little ones under 3 new to Edinburgh (whether new five years ago or five weeks ago) to join together to make friends and have some fun on a Friday afternoon. The group runs between 1.30-3pm for tea, biscuits, chat and fun for the little ones.

We aim to provide a space for people and families from different cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds, sexual orientation, to name a few, so they feel comfortable meeting new people and sharing their experiences (if they would like to). Our core ethos is to provide access to resources and information when required and recognise the many different ways of providing a loving environment for your child, while continuing to provide support in a non-judgemental, friendly and non-invasive manner.

We welcome donations to cover the teas and biscuits provided and resources used (suggested donation £2 per person).

Events – the group regularly runs events including talks and outings.  Please contact us if you would like to know about any of the events listed below or to book (where necessary).

Language/Translation – The NHS have a dedicated Language Line telephone number which is useful if English is not your first language.  Please follow this link to find out more information.

NHS Maternity Services now provide information in a number of different languages.  Follow the link here (and scroll down the page) to see what information is there if English isn’t your first language.