Massage for Pregnancy and After

Massage is a wholly natural treatment known to support deep relaxation, muscle easing, lymph drainage and healthier skin.  In your massage session I aim for you to experience a deeply restful sense of calm and nurture. During pregnancy this is highly beneficial to you and your baby and aids a focused body connection, useful in labour. After the birth it supports you with the strains of being a new mother.

Types of Session Available:

Swedish Massage

For pregnant women, a two hour session allows for consultation, preparation and a side-lying, relaxing, full body Swedish Massage based treatment, using plenty of pillows for support and ease. Techniques adapted for pregnancy may include kneading, stroking, some deep pressure and passive movements of joints. `

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a one hour session carried out sitting up. This involves shoulders, arms, neck, head and face, if wished. Again kneading, stroking and pressure may all be involved as well as some friction movements.

After the Birth

After your baby is born the seated Indian Head Massage may ease upper body strain, a full body two hour Swedish Massage session may give you some much needed, head to toe, restful nurture or a part body one hour table based massage session may give ease where most required.

I use an oil of your choice to smooth the flow. Draping with a sheet or towel aids comfort.


For 2 hour session: £60, £45 or £30
For 1 hour session:  £40, £30 or £20

Charges are dependent on your family income and I am happy to discuss the level of cost with you.

To book or discuss a treatment please get in touch with me and if you want to know a little more about my background, you can follow the link here.

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