Trustees and supporters


The Board of Trustees are volunteers on the management committee that oversee the running of the charity.  Being a small charity the role of a PPC trustee is quite hands-on and the members are involved in anything from discussing the strategic direction for the Centre to serving tea and cakes at our fundraising events.


Daisy Dinwoodie

I first came into the doors of the PPC (then the Birth Resource Centre) in 2004 when pregnant with my first child. The support and information I accessed there was the foundation of the parent I would become, and would lead me into the Birth Educators Course offered there from 2006-2008, into becoming one of the trustees (to give back to this phenomenal organisation), then into becoming one of the facilitators at the Centre, where I offer yoga for pregnancy sessions, run Active Birth workshops for couples and also host a homebirth support group. I also represent the PPC on the local Maternity Services Liaison Committee. Being both a facilitator and a trustee allows me to see the small and large picture of the PPC and help where I can to keep things running smoothly for everyone. I am so proud of our little charity and all that we do within our community.


Ros ClaaseRos

I joined the Board of Trustees in January 2016, having benefited from the services of the PPC throughout and after both my pregnancies in 2013 and 2015. Without a doubt, the PPC was the best part of my pregnancies and early forays into motherhood! I found the services of the centre to be invaluable, both in terms of advice, support and friendships made, in particular through the Pregnancy Yoga sessions. My husband still reminisces with a slight glint in his eye about the Dads to Be course.
I am the mum of a 3 and 1 year old, who keep my husband and I very busy, (not to mention the retired greyhound), and am currently Head of Student Experience for the University of Edinburgh Business School, with a background in Higher Education administration and Financial Services HR and recruitment, both in the UK and overseas.
I hope to be able to be able to bring some of my professional skills, in particular around talent development and management, to the PPC in order to help it to thrive as a local charity which provides so much to expectant and new parents, children, and the wider community.

Gina DupreGina Dupre

My name is Eugenia Dupré, and I’m also known as Gina. I have been one of the Trustees at the PPC since March 2014.

I first became aware of the centre’s unique level of support when I attended yoga for pregnancy classes and the Active Birth workshop four years ago; I was pregnant with my first child, Sampson. I found the classes and workshop absolutely invaluable and empowering. Now, years later, Sampson and I are back at the centre attending the Music with Jackie classes, which we love!

I found that the ethos of the centre chimed perfectly with my own views surrounding pregnancy, birth and parenting and have found it a very safe and nurturing place over the years. I wanted to give something back, to offer my help and to add my voice to the core of passionate and knowledgable people working and volunteering at the centre. I am an artist and I also trained as an art therapist. As an art therapist I worked with children and families and I am very happy to be a part of a charity that gives so much valuable help to families through such important and challenging stages – pregnancy, birth and early parenthood.


Nadine Edwards Nadine

I am one of the Trustees and also run several weekly Yoga for Pregnancy groups and some of the Active Birth Workshops. I am a member of the Birth Project Group and co-facilitator of the Birth Educators course.

I became involved in childbirth issues while I was pregnant with my first child in 1976 and quickly understood the impact of pregnancy and birth on women and families and the difference support and information can make. Through the yoga groups, I hope to contribute positively to women’s physical, emotional and spiritual experience of pregnancy, birth and early motherhood.

I joined the Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services (AIMS) in 1980 after the birth of my third baby and am currently one of its Vice Chairs. I completed the first Birth Teacher’s Course through the West London Birth Centre in 1982 and have run pregnancy groups in Edinburgh since 1985.

I completed a PhD on women’s experiences of home births in 2002, which was published as a book, ‘Birthing Autonomy: Women’s Experiences of Planning Home Births’. I continue to research and write about birth issues in books and journals and was co-editor of the MIDIRS Midwifery Digest.

I live with my husband and am fortunate to be a mother of three grown up children, and Grannie to three beautiful grandchildren. My passions are my family, improving women’s and families’ experiences of birth and researching into and campaigning on the politics of birth and midwifery.


Nessa McHughNessaMcHugh

I provide a link between Edinburgh Napier University and the Centre, the midwifery programme team at Napier is keen to promote links between the midwifery programme and the PPC.

I am also member of the Birth Project Group  which is a cross nations/ universities/ voluntary sector group keen to provide support to birth workers of all areas and backgrounds.

I also help to facilitate the Birth Education Course which I find very enjoyable. Finally I act as a link supervisor of midwives for the centre.

I got involved in the centre via Nadine Edwards. I had been involved in community organisations in England and when I moved up to Scotland I got in touch with Nadine to see what was happening locally. This turned out to be a great decision.

I have been a midwife for over twenty years, during which time I have worked in a variety of midwifery settings. Currently I am a lecturer at Edinburgh Napier and a Supervisor of Midwives for NHS Lothian

I have been involved with a number of voluntary groups in the past and am interested in grass roots maternity organisations.

I am married with two grown up children, a bouncy dog and a cat. I have masses of interests but top of the current list are: I love disappearing into books, knitting (which unfortunately I do badly but I just love wool) and generally mooching about with my friends and family.


Sarah Denniston

I first heard of the Pregnancy and Parents Centre through another mum in the playgroup circuit. As soon as I walked into MotherSpace with Lee, I felt welcomed and relaxed. I started to explore different groups: New Arrivals/International Parents Groups and La Leche League (Breastfeeding Support). After attending groups for a year, I started volunteering with New Arrivals and became a trustee soon after.

I love how the PPC is a community of women and families of different backgrounds, choices and lifestyles. As a volunteer and trustee, I hope to use my background in counseling, mental health care and nursing to ensure the PPC provides a safe, non-judgmental space where people can be listened to with compassion, provided accurate information if requested, and respected for their choices. I believe it is important to uphold the aims of the PPC, especially being inclusive of all circumstances and ensuring parents, volunteers, facilitators and staff feel part of a supportive community.

Kasia Wypiorczyk  

Photo by Rod Penn

I am the newest Trustee to the Board and officially joined the team in May 2018. I came to the PPC in January 2017 to attend Yoga for Pregnancy, which was truly one of the best decisions of my life as the classes were exactly what I needed during pregnancy. After my baby boy, Gabriel, was born, I attended more classes at the centre and really saw the benefit of the centre for myself as a new mum, for my baby and for a wider community. I’ve met incredible people at PPC and really wanted to be part of this amazing organisation hence become one of the Trustees.
Thanks to the PPC I am part of a wonderful group of mums who support each other. The group helped me during the first weeks in motherhood and I believe that every mum should be able to get such a valuable support.

I was working in the charity sector for over three years before having a baby, supporting the local community with my skills in management, administration and marketing and I hope to use my skills in volunteering at PPC.


Supporters – volunteers who help us regularly

Oddny Jonsdottir

I moved to Edinburgh in 2013 to start a PhD in understanding why women choose a specific location to give birth in. I was introduced to Nadine and the Pregnancy and Parents Centre and fell in love with the warmth of the centre and the secure feeling I felt each time I entered the building. I could sense that the Centre was a place where women and their families were being supported through their journey in becoming parents.

I have two wonderful children who were both born at home and my birth experiences awoke a passion for pregnancy and birth choices and an understanding of the importance of having a supportive environment during pregnancy and through childbirth. These experiences are also why I am currently training to be a midwife.

Due to my interest and passion of supporting women and their families with their pregnancy and birth choices, I wanted to be part of the wonderful work that the Centre does. I became a trustee in October 2015 stepping down recently to concentrate on my midwifery studies though remain involved with the centre in a volunteer and supporter capacity.

Harriet HallHarriet Hall

I am a Mum to two young boys and have fourteen years experience in communicating and campaigning about health, equality and child protection issues and fundraising.

I started yoga classes at the PPC when pregnant with my first child. We have benefitted enormously from the unique support the Centre offers women and their families by providing non-judgmental information about birth choices and the opportunity to make friends over a cuppa after every class.

I’m proud to play a part in the Centre’s work to empower women and help their new families to blossom.  I have been a trustee and now help with fundraising and funding applications to further the Centre’s work.


Sarah MortonSarah Morton

I came to a class in Nadine’s living room in 1995 when I was pregnant with my  first child, and again in 1999/2000 for my second pregnancy. I joined the Trustees in 2012. I work at the Centre for Research on Families and Relationships at the University of Edinburgh where I facilitate ways in which research can be used in policy and practice. My background is in community education and I have held a variety of development posts in the voluntary sector before my current job.  I now help at the fundraising events of the Nearly New Sales.  My daughter sometimes comes along as well to see how the support that I received when I was pregnant with her is still continuing to help others!


Catherine Rennie

My name is Catherine and I was on the board of Trustees at the PPC from 2012 – 2015. My main role was to represent the PPC on the NHS Lothian Maternity Services Liaison Committee – a committee which includes health professionals and lay representatives with the aim of hearing views and experiences of users of the maternity services. I was also the Trustee responsible for communication with the many facilitators and independent practitioners who work at the centre.  I now help the Centre by doing the washing each week, making sure the pillow cases, blankets and everything else are clean.  Something that is very important since we see so many people each week!

I am mum to two young boys, Matthew and Duncan. I first came across the PPC whilst I was pregnant with Matthew. I was looking for something positive and relaxing to do as I was finding pregnancy a stressful and worrying time after a previous miscarriage. A search on the internet for Pregnancy Yoga found the classes at the PPC.  The class (and the tea, biscuits and support at the end) became an absolute lifeline during the last few months of pregnancy. I felt that I was approaching birth with a sense of knowledge rather than fear. In the months after Matthew’s birth the support continued and I became more and more interested in the many issues that affect pregnant women and their families. Being involved with the PPC and the MSLC for the past three years, my eyes have been opened even further – somewhere like the PPC is such an important source of information, support and empowerment for women and their families and I feel proud to be able to contribute a little towards that.