Comments about the PPC

The Pregnancy and Parents Centre has received many kind words of appreciation over the years. Here are some of them:

“The people I have come into contact at the Pregnancy and Parents Centre all seem to like children! That may seem a strange thing to say but nowadays there is so much talk about women having careers, lovely homes, dynamic hobbies and the clean pristine children being filed away with some childminder. The women at the centre just love their children. They are intelligent women who find value in being mothers.”

“…for me the PPC has been a very natural, friendly support and comfort. It has cushioned the journey from pregnancy to birth, through mothering a small baby and into toddlerhood. I’m really grateful to PPC both for the classes and other facilities I continue to enjoy and for the friends I’ve made – the big ones and the little ones..”

“…I only discovered the Pregnancy and Parents Centre after my baby had been born. I was desperately searching for somewhere friendly and supportive to take my often cross and wailing baby. After weeks of rushing away from groups and coffee mornings feeling tearful and lonely, as Hannah was the only fretful baby there, I was told about the baby music group at the PPC. Immediately I felt welcome and supported. For the first time I was able to talk honestly about my feelings as a new Mother. Funnily enough Hannah was always notably cheerier and more content in this environment too and Tuesday afternoons became a haven for the both of us. I am now expecting my second baby and am so glad that the PPC will be there to support and advise me thorough pregnancy as well as early parenthood.”

“While pregnant, the PPC gave me relaxation, access to valuable information and confidence for a positive birth experience. Adjusting to a new way of life as a mother is demanding in so many ways. The welcoming environment offered by the PPC provides the ongoing support that is vital to successful parenting.”

“The PPC really helped me at a time in my pregnancy when I was confused and depressed by the negative attititude towards natural birth (in particular home birth) coming from my GP and the hospital. The PPC classes and informal support helped me relax and enjoy the rest of my pregnancy, and supported my wish for as natural a birth as possible. I am convinced the PPC contributed to the safe and joyful arrival of my baby.”

“The Pregnancy and Parents Centre is so welcoming. I never think twice about coming along even when I’ve had a bad morning and have a grumpy baby. Thank you for being there!”