Lothian Birth Centre

Lothian Birth Centre

The Centre is based next to the Simpson Centre for Reproductive Health and offers a homely environment to have your baby.  Midwives and support staff will care for you in one of the six birth rooms, each with its own birthing pool and en-suite facilities.  Other equipment, including birth balls, mats, aromastones and pillows, is also available in every room. There is a range of lighting controls and the room and water temperature can be adapted for your comfort.  A television and radio facility is available in each birth room and sockets are available if you wish to bring in your own music.  We advise you to bring snacks for you and your partner for labour but we can provide you with a hot meal of your choice at times suitable for you during your stay.

When in labour, you should initially make contact with Triage and Assessment and if all has been well in your pregnancy,  they will let us know that you’ll be coming in.  There is a drop off point just outside the Birth Centre and parking is available in the nearby car park A.  If you’re unsure about whether the Birth Centre will be suitable for you, please discuss this with your community midwife who will seek advice if required.  You are welcome to bring partners or other supporters of your choice to support you in labour and in the time following your baby’s birth.  The length of stay will vary depending on your needs.  There are sofa beds in the birthing rooms for supporters to rest on.  We also have a spacious four bedded bay with a shared bathroom and shower room if you require to stay a little longer.

A range of pain relief, such as aromatherapy, water, gas and air and diamorphine is available.  If you decide that would like an epidural, this will not be available in the Birth Centre and you will need to opt to birth your baby in the main labour suite.  In certain circumstances, such as complications arising in labour, which your midwife will discuss with you, you may need to be transferred the short distance to the main labour suite.

As a staff team, we have spent a lot of time listening to women and their families, staff and the voluntary sector to try and provide the best service possible.  We look forward to meeting you!

Lothian Birth Centre Team