– Baby First Aid Workshop (Online)

The Pregnancy and Parents Centre recognises how valuable basic first aid knowledge is as a parent and in general.  This is a online non-certificated session and aims to give confidence to parents in dealing with common childhood emergencies. The workshop uses demonstrations, videos, quizzes and class discussions. The course is hands on and participants are asked to make a ‘towel baby’ or bring a soft toy to the class to practice procedures such as CPR and choking.

What is covered?

Unconscious baby and child (0-12 years)
Choking (0-12 years)
Nose bleed
Broken Bones
Allergic Reaction
Febrile Seizure

Suitable for expectant parents/parents/grandparents/carers.

Cost is £20 per household as this is what is costs us to run the session and includes emailed resources.

Our online Baby First Aid workshops run from 2pm -4:30pm on Tuesdays.

Dates of courses

  • 3rd November
  • 24th November
  • 8th December

For later 2020 dates or more info please follow the link here.

Comments from parents:

“Really useful information – just wish I would have done it sooner”

“Great format, very helpful discussion.  Thank you!”

– Active Birth Workshops – few spaces left in our final course of the year

Our Active Birth workshops give information and support to pregnant women and their partners in preparation for their births.  Our courses run on Sundays from 10am – 4.30pm on the below dates. The next and final course of 2020 will be running on Sunday 13th December.

The suggested donation is £85 per couple. It is possible to bring two birth partners, please enquire if this is the case.

For more details see here or contact the office to book your space.~

We only have spaces left in our December course – please let us know of your interest.


– Preparing For Breastfeeding Workshop- 2020 dates announced

What is a Preparing for Breastfeeding workshop?

Many pregnant women and their partners have told us that they worry about breastfeeding – they have heard stories of mothers encountering problems when breastfeeding. They know that breastfeeding is healthy for mothers and babies, but often they don’t know much about the practicalities.

This workshop starts by looking at how parents-to-be feel when they contemplate feeding their new baby. Building on what they already know about baby feeding, the discussion explores how breastfeeding supports mother-baby connection and provides babies with warmth, food, comfort and protection. Short video clips show what babies do when in skin to skin contact in the first hour after birth; how to help your baby attach well, and a variety of comfortable positions for feeding.

The workshop focuses on the practical aspects of how breastfeeding works, and how to avoid common difficulties.

How will the workshop benefit me and my partner?

The Preparing for Breastfeeding workshop is helpful for all prospective parents who would like a deeper understanding of mother and baby biology. Learning about the instinctive ways babies and mothers help each other when beginning breastfeeding can take away some of the fear of the unknown. Understanding the signs that all is going well, learning how to recognise when expert help is needed and knowing where to get it quickly, can help new parents feel much more confident. Sometimes partners can feel left out when their newborn baby is breastfeeding. We discuss the vital role that partners play in nurturing mother and baby, and explore the many ways partners can bond with their breastfeeding baby.

The workshop is facilitated by Jenny Patterson, a qualified midwife with wide knowledge of breastfeeding and a love of supporting women in this.  Jenny recently completed her PhD in birth trauma and is presently involved in midwifery research and teaching. She believes: “good quality, appropriate antenatal preparation and information can be incredibly empowering for women and their partners”

Forthcoming dates & How to book

  • 14th October 2020
  • 9th December 2020
  • 17th February 2021

All courses run on Wednesday evening from 6.30pm – 9pm at our centre at 188 Pleasance.  We have followed Scottish Government Guidelines and are running reduced class sizes to ensure physical distancing measures are in place, as well as increased hygiene protocols so everyone feels safe.

Please contact us on: info@pregnancyandparents.org.uk if you would like to book any of the above courses or register your interest in future dates after February 2021.

The workshop is designed to include information relevant to partners too, but women are welcome to attend without a partner.

£12 per person or £18 for a couple (concessions available)

To book your place please contact the PPC office via email

– DADS TO BE – last course in December *Sign up now*

Becoming a parent, particularly for the first time, is an emotional experience.  It is a very important time for both mum and dad-to-be but expectant dads sometimes feel left out of pregnancy and not involved in the birth.

“For me the course was a lifeline.  Previously I wasn’t sure even which questions to ask or where to look for a RELIABLE and informed answer.” 

“The discussions of the birth, of baby blues, of crying and of our ongoing relationship was particular helpful.”

“I went to 3 pre-natal courses: the NHS one, an NCT one and this one – and found this course the best of the three.  I would definitely recommend it to any dads-to-be in the area.”

Last Course in 2020!

  • December [2nd & 5th December]

Courses consist of two separate but linked sessions on Wednesday evenings at 7pm – 8.30pm and Saturdays at 10am – 4.30pm.  

**During restrictions placed for Coronavirus we are running Dads to Be online**

A midwife-designed course for expectant dads with lots of discussion, practical advice and workshop activities

This is an invaluable practical course for men who would like to build their confidence around early parenting skills.  The main topics are detailed below but the sessions will involve open discussion and give plenty of time for questions to be asked.


  • Labour and Birth
  • Baby care –  handling, clothing, dressing, nappy changing, bathing.

  • Life with a baby including coping with crying, sleeping, playing

  • Emotional issues including postnatal depression


Handouts and resources provided.


We operate our antenatal sessions on a donation payment system because the Pregnancy and Parents Centre is a not-for-profit charity.   The suggested donation is £50 for the course as this covers all our running  costs and associated expenditure.  However, all our classes have concessionary rates and this is the same for the donation system as we never turn anyone due to financial constraint.  Please contact us about this if you need to know more.

To book a place on a course please contact the Pregnancy and Parents Centre office by  email


Hello everyone,

As many of you will know, we are in the midst of  a move to our new home and so we are unable to accept any donations of clothes, equipment, toys, books or other items that will require us to physically move.

We will let you know when donations can be accepted as soon as we know when we will be able to run our popular nearly new sales.

Thanks Val, Kasia & Sara
August 2020



– Black Lives Matter

In making this statement, we acknowledge that, as a group of white
women we speak from a position of privilege. This statement is
intended to show support and solidarity with the Black Lives Matter
movement. If any of the following causes offence, please tell us – we
promise to listen.

In the aftermath of yet more tragic deaths and acts of violence against BAME people, we have seen
protests and demonstrations across the world and in the UK, calling out for desperately needed

At the Pregnancy and Parents Centre, we have been listening to the many voices across the globe
and in our own community on how we can best support efforts to eradicate racism, how we can
avoid becoming part of the problem, and how to become effective agents of change.

The PPC exists to support all parents-to-be and families on an emotional and practical level, and we
categorically abhor racism in all its forms, of which there are, unfortunately, many. Pregnancy can be
a time of joy, and we all hope it is, but it can also be an anxious time for women and families
where a woman’s ethnic background can highlight the disparity of experience between BAME
families and white families. For example, women of BAME origin are:

– More likely to die during childbearing *1
– More likely to lose their babies during childbearing and beyond *2
– More likely to have complications in pregnancy *1
– More likely to receive a lower level of care *3
– More likely to be experiencing poverty in pregnancy *3
– Less likely to be able to access the available resources in pregnancy
– Less likely to be treated as effectively for pain relief *4

These are just a few of the ways in which our society and healthcare system is set up to discriminate
on the basis of race and ethnicity. The PPC exists in part to address this issue and ensure proper,
individualised and appropriate care for all.

We will strive to continually educate ourselves on issues of inequality and discrimination.

We will strive to amplify the voices of birth educators, midwives, obstetricians, healthcare workers
from a BAME background.

We will strive to call out racism and discrimination when we see it.

We will continue our programme of open facilitated sessions that welcome and support all families
to Scotland.

We strive to listen, learn and do our best.

Black Lives Matter.

With love,

1. Knight M, Bunch K, Tuffnell D, Shakespeare J, Kotnis R, Kenyon S, Kurinczuk JJ (Eds.) on behalf of MBRRACE-UK. Saving Lives, Improving Mothers’ Care – Lessons learned to inform maternity care from the UK and Ireland Confidential Enquiries into Maternal Deaths and Morbidity 2015-17. Oxford: National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit, University of Oxford 2019.

2. Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) 2020. RCOG calls for government action to tackle racial inequalities in women’s healthcare.

3. Maternity Action (2018). Exploring Experiences of Maternity and Health in Low Income Women and Children from Diverse Ethnic Backgrounds https://maternityaction.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/MothersVoices2018-FINAL.pdf

4. “Female pain is seen as not as equal to male pain, and pain in black women is not treated in the same way as in white women.” Anekwe, L. (2020). Ethnic Disparities in Maternal Care BMJ 2020:368 m442


Our sessions and groups were suspended face to face on 17th March 2020 following guidelines from the UK and Scottish Government but fear not! We are running our groups and sessions online and whilst we can’t offer you the lovely homely atmosphere of our centre (and our renowned tea and biscuits) we can offer you a community from your own home whilst we are under present restrictions.

Here is a snap shot of our timetable. Please refer to the actual activity page on our website for more info, or simply drop us an email or FB message.

Mondays:  Music (from under 12 months – right up to 5 years) / Motherspace / Yoga for Pregnancy
Tuesdays:  Yoga with Babies  /  Yoga for Pregnancy
Wednesdays:  Baby Massage
Thursdays: Music (all ages upto 5) / Yoga for Pregnancy
Saturday: Yoga for Pregnancy

On specific dates of the month, we are also running Dads to Be / Active Birth Workshops / Preparation for Breastfeeding Workshops / First Aid (due to start very soon).

To find out more, please email us on info@pregnancyandparents.org.uk to let us know of your interest in any groups. Additionally, you might want to like our facebook page and follow us on Twitter for lots of news updates.

Best wishes

The Board, staff, facilitators and practitioners of the PPC.

NHS inform

And BBC News Scotland

– Our new home: read all about it here

February 2020 update:

Renovations in our new home at the Pleasance are well underway!

We’ve been working hard to make our new home just as homely as our current premises at Lower Gilmore Place.

We hope that the renovations will be completed during the last two weeks of this month, so that we can start running groups from our new home late this month or early March.

In the meantime, our doors remain open to our families and community, and our groups continue to run in Lower Gilmore Place.

Stay tuned for more updates!

The crowdfunder for the renovations and furnishing of our new home closed on Friday, but we continue to welcome any help and you can still donate through the office (info@pregnancyandparents.org.uk).


After a long search, we are delighted to confirm the PPC has found a new home!

 During January 2020 we will begin renovations to 188 Pleasance, about a fifteen-twenty minute walk from Lower Gilmore Place, and hope to be running some of our classes from February 2020. 

Throughout 2020, we will work with a group of enthusiastic and skilled people to complete renovations on the next door building: 192 Pleasance and it is hoped by 2021 we will have a fully operating centre which will be more than double the size of space we presently have.

The scope for more group rooms, a larger and more welcoming social space, consulting space and storage for donations is very exciting and will allow us to evolve and further support pregnant and new families in Edinburgh and the Lothians.

For those of you currently in groups at the PPC, you will automatically be kept up to date from our office staff via email.  We will also share updates on FB and Twitter and we have created “notice” boards on both levels of our present centre which is a central point to see what is happening, what sort of help you could give us and how our fundraising for the move is going .  As ever, our friendly office staff or your facilitator will be able to answer any questions you may have – just ask!

Can you help us?

As you can imagine with such a move, there is a lot of organising and planning needed and this requires lots of help!

  • We are looking at building up a body of volunteers to help us prepare for the move and creating a lovely, welcoming space over in the Pleasance. If you feel you might be able to volunteer, please complete the form in this link.  We will add you to a volunteer mailing list and drop you a note if we are looking for help. If you have the skills or time to lend a hand, we can organise that. 
  • We would welcome your support and donations to our Crowdfunding campaign – follow this link to the Crowdfunding page.

We would like to take this opportunity to say “thank you” for supporting the PPC. We are very excited to be starting a brand new chapter.

For and on behalf of the Trustees of the Pregnancy & Parents Centre

November 2019



We can also keep you updated via email about our move. If you think this would be helpful, please follow the link here to tell us!

– Vacancies for members of our Board of Trustees

We are very keen to broaden the diversity and breadth of our Board of Trustees, in order to better represent all those who use or could use our services. The Trustees are a group of volunteers who are responsible for the good governance and strategic direction of the PPC. The centre is about to undergo a period of change due to a premises relocation.

We need enthusiastic and committed individuals who understand and appreciate our aims, objectives and values, and who want to contribute to the strategic development of the PPC, be involved in some of the day-to-day decision making, and be responsible for its paid employees, facilitators and volunteers.

All applicants will be considered, however we are particularly keen to recruit people with skills in any of the below:

  • Finance and Accounting, Marketing, Outreach Work, Fundraising, Law

If interested, you will be invited to:

  • An informal discussion with a current trustee
  • Attend three monthly board meetings prior to formal invitation to become a Trustee
  • Take part in projects of interest to you and your skillset.

As an elected Trustee, you will be invited to attend our Annual General Meeting, and monthly Trustee Meetings (which typically alternate between Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons).

Babes-in-arms are welcome at meetings and there is flexibility around other commitments. Childcare expenses can be covered for director’s activities.

For more information, or to apply (including a covering letter and CV) please contact:

PPC Co-ordinator, 10 Lower Gilmore Place, Edinburgh, EH3 9NY or volunteers@pregnancyandparents.org.uk

To find out a bit more about our current Trustees please follow the link here

Ros Claase (current Trustee)

Nadine Edwards (Founding Trustee)

Daisy Dinwoodie (Trustee & Facilitator)