What is Motherspace?

Motherspace_groupMotherspace is a drop-in group that takes place on Monday afternoons. The group is a place for women to come with their baby until he/she is crawling.  Grandmothers and lesbian partners  are also welcome to come along with the mum and new baby.  The group is facilitated and mums are introduced to each other to help make friends.  The relaxed, informal atmosphere helps mothers to feel comfortable – to share their highs and lows of parenting.  We know that keeping to a time schedule with a baby can be tricky so mums are welcome anytime between 2.30-4.30pm usually.

However, as government guidelines are restricting us from meeting face to face at present, we are offering Motherspace online at two 40 minute sessions (2.30 & 3.30) and you are welcome to join Gail and the other ladies online.  To access the sessions, please email us on: for the link to the online session.

Certain dates are earmarked for talks that centre around a specific topic of babycare and these dates will be posted on our general Facebook page as well as on our website.  On these dates the format of Motherspace will differ from the sessions but you are still welcome to come along and enjoy refreshments and the space.

How will it benefit me?

The group gives mums an opportunity to meet with other women in those first few months after birth.  Mums can share experiences and tips; ideas can be bounced off other mums. The group is an opportunity to receive information and support while making new friends. There is a Facebook group that is just for women who attend Motherspace. This enables mums to contact each other and meet up outwith the session if they wish to do so.

Will it benefit my baby?

Babies are social little people and it is never too soon to make friends. Friends made in the early days are friends to play with in the park in the future. Babies can be fascinated by other babies. Often they  will look at each other, reach out and sometimes make sounds to get the attention of the other babies in the room.

Motherspace2What to expect:

Motherspace is facilitated by Gail who has many years experience of working with groups in a post-natal environment. Women are introduced to each other and are offered a hot drink and biscuits. Although the group is unstructured, Gail finds out if there are any particular parenting issues that mums are facing and leads the discussion around these.

If women attending the group identify that they would like a more structured session from time to time eg a discussion around weaning, Gail identifies a date and this is made available to mums via the Facebook group and the PPC website.

More Information:

Motherspace is a free drop-in group but welcomes donations to cover refreshments and resources used (suggested donation £2). There is no need to book. The group occasionally does not run on some prominent public holidays. The rare dates that the group does not run are posted on the PPC website.

There is a Facebook group that mums who attend Motherspace are able to join.  Dates on when particular topics will run are posted on this and also it can be used to keep in contact with everything in the group outwith the meetings.


What Women think about the sessions:


“There is a good balance between it being relaxed and structured. It is nice to feel a bit taken care of and being offered tea and biscuits.”


“It’s a nice balance, not a class but not just a social. There is no pressure to do anything which allows it to be very baby-led, so it makes it ok to come even if you are having a rubbish day.”


“You can come with or without a problem to share and you don’t need to fit into any criteria. It’s a very non-judgmental space.”


“I enjoy the session as it’s nice and relaxed and informal. It’s a chance to hear how other people are dealing with parenthood. It’s good to know that you are usually all going through the same thing!”