Yoga with Babies

What is  online Yoga with Babies?

Yoga with Babies is a way for parent and baby to share the movements and relaxation of Yoga.  Yoga adapted for babies provides a delightful way to give babies the variety and amount of movement and touch on which they thrive, whilst Yoga selected or adapted for parents to do alongside their babies provides a way for parents to give themselves the benefits of Yoga that can be invaluable in life with a young baby.

Yoga with Babies classes provide a friendly, relaxed environment in which to learn and share Yoga with other parents and babies.  A range of practices is developed over the weeks so parents can gradually incorporate the fun of Yoga into day to day life with their babies!

Due to the restrictions place upon us with Covid-19, we are running online classes, rather than at our cosy and comfy centre in Tollcross. We usually run two classes (one for under four months and one for over four months until mobile) but whilst we get familiar with online offerings, we are running one class online on Tuesdays from 11am – 12.30pm for babies who are not mobile.

The yoga in this class is to help parents find renewed strength in themselves in the first few months after birth to ease baby’s transition into the world via movements and touch that very young babies enjoy; and to facilitate the developing parent/baby relationship.  and not help develop the needs of parents of slightly older babies to be more active and have opportunity for relaxation.








How will it benefit my   baby?

Yoga provides activities through which your baby and you can have fun together whilst promoting a resilient base of health and confidence as your baby grows.

With Yoga, you may find your baby:

is deeply satisfied by the movement, touch and rhythm, balanced by relaxation

obtains relief from colic and general digestive upsets;

is more settled, tending to sleep more deeply.

How will it benefit me/ other adult attending?

Yoga with Babies provides a way to nurture and draw strength for yourself even whilst looking after your baby.

Through Yoga, you may experience some or all of the following:

  •  quicker, more fulsome recovery after the major life experience of birth;
  • ease from efforts of carrying and holding your baby or pushing a buggy or pram;
  • strengthening and toning of abdominal and pelvic muscles;
  • an antidote to sleep loss in deep relaxation.

What to expect

The session will start with active Yoga rounded off with a centring practice which can be done even if your baby is feeding or needs help to settle.  Introductions will be made during the class to allow people to join if they are running late and not miss out.  The classes will contain a mix of stretching and co-ordinated movements, some more parent focused, some more baby focused, and also relaxation techniques.  Songs accompany some of the movements particularly in the older babies class.  We also include practical ways of lifting, carrying and holding babies.

Our face to face sessions always conclude with a social time with tea and biscuits to give parents some nurturing whilst having the opportunity to chat, to make connections with other parents or to discuss areas of interest or concern. Whilst we can’t offer you a hot drink and biscuits via online offering, we encourage you to take part in this social time online as we feel very much that parents need connection during this period of isolation.

More information and how to book

You can come to these classes whether or not you have previous experience of Yoga and even if you have particular conditions to deal with.  Classes are of a size that differing needs can be accommodated.  You are welcome to bring twins and your partner can work with one of your babies whilst you are with the other, swapping as needed.

Yoga for Babies carries a suggested donation of £45 for a block of six weeks usually but during the period we are offering online sessions and we understand we cannot welcome you face to face, we are asking for a suggested donation of £36 for the block.  If you would like to have a taster class the suggested donation is £6.00.

We do, however, understand that your income may be reduced as a result of the virus and so if this suggested donation still poses difficulties for you, please get in touch and we can come to some arrangement that makes the group affordable for you.

If you would like to book a space please email

What Other Parents thought of the sessions

See our film clip to give an insight into what happens in the sessions and listen to Eilidh, a mum who came to the sessions with her baby Luke, telling what they were like.

A yoga class

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“The classes have exceeded my expectations. As well as enjoying the class, I have learnt lots of holds, moves, songs, responses that I use at home to entertain and sooth my baby.”


“The class facilitator has the ability to know what direction to take the class in depending on the mood of the babies, she offers to hold your baby if she feels you need a bit of time to relax by yourself, offers advice for specific problems and has a zen like quality with babies.  I have learnt so much from her.“